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Family History

March1, 2011

Written by: Vic Mollot, Winnipeg, Canada                                                                                          Researched by: Pascal Pierre, genealogist, Trouans, France, and Vic Mollot, Winnipeg, Canada                                                                                                            
(Research in genealogy continually uncovers new information. If you have a previous dated edition of this document, please discard it. This latest dated edition is much more detailed and comprehensive.)
 DEDICATION: to my wife Lucille
I wish to dedicate this document to my wife Lucille for her enthusiastic support for my passion in discovering and retracing our family roots. During the last fifteen years, this search has brought us numerous times to France where we have spent many days at various archival departments and in various little hamlets and cities in search of our family ancestry which I must say brought great success and enjoyment. Lucille’s commitment and contribution has also given us the opportunity to successfully pursue and fulfill other family projects. These activities would not have occurred without the great support of my loving wife.    
August 2008 at Blandin, France.
Vic and Lucille Mollot are recognized for planning the Tour de France.
A JOURNEY INTO THE MOLLOT AND BENOIT FAMILY TREE - a perspective of our ancestry.
A study of family ancestry is always interesting but this story is even more fascinating because it is about the times, events, successes and failures of our ancestors. A strong sense of family history enhances our knowledge of who we are as individuals. A family, a society, that knows about its’ past is able to better contribute to its’ future. We are so grateful that much is known about our ancestors, especially about Fortuné Louis Joseph Mollot and his family because he left us with his written memoires. We also have many artifacts, photos, paintings, etc. Our collection also includes numerous documents and letters from the family of Léopoldine Benoit, the wife of Fortuné. We even have letters dating back to the early 1860’s that have been passed on by numerous generations. It is incredible what we have been able to find about our ancestry. To date, we have researched our family ancestry back to the year 1613…some 395 years or four centuries or thirteen generations past with certificates and records.…c/w names, dates of births/baptisms, marriages, occupations, deaths, etc. In the various hamlets, towns and cities, it is remarkable that still today we can visit homes, churches and businesses in which our ancestors lived and shared. 
Family gratitude also goes to some wonderful friends in France: M. Pascal Pierre, our researcher and genealogist who is originally from the village of Trouans, the cradle of the Mollot family; Yves and Martine Marquié from Lyon and Michel and Arlette Auclerc who presently own Château de Molinière, formerly Château Blandin, the home of my great grandfather. All have taken a real interest in our family heritage and have contributed enormously in research, time and effort.
We are also most fortunate that our family records in France still exist after having survived horrendous events such as the Religious Wars of the 16th century, the French Revolution of 1789-1793, the Napoleonic Wars of the 1800’s and the two World Wars of the 20th century. Unfortunately during these conflicts many records were destroyed.


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