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Part 12: Chateau Blandin

Château Blandin is situated in a small village known as Blandin in the Department of Isère, in the Rhône-Alps region of central France. It is approximately 80 kilometers southeast of the second largest city, Lyon, which is also known as the gastronomic center of France. The population of Blandin, according to statistics in the year 1999, was 122. The region has a number of valleys and rolling hills and is very suitable to agriculture. The climate is very moderate and Mediterranean in nature even though they do get some snow in winter.
 To give you some perspective of this grandiose château built by Fortuné before his acquaintance of and marriage to Léopoldine, it is located on a 17 hectare (1 hectare equals 2.47 acres) or a 42 acre site overlooking a beautiful scenic valley called “Vallée de la Bourbre”. The Château is a majestic four-story brick mansion heated by numerous fireplaces in various rooms. Originally, the basement was a large wine cellar. Some of the most striking aristocratic features of the interior are the huge “his and hers” bedrooms with balconies overlooking the front yard and gorgeous valley.
Painting: Chateau Blandin by Fortuné Mollot circa 1880
Painting: Chateau Blandin by Fortuné Mollot circa 1880
The château has a most impressive staircase, a main “salon” and a dining room with a beautiful large hanging crystal chandelier. Fortuné even had his own private painting studio. Lasting footprints Fortuné left in this château are a number of his paintings which today still adorn the walls in the main dining room.
The dining room. Note the restored chandelier andFortuné’s paintings which adorn the walls.
The living room.
Note the original ceiling.
For an adequate water source, a water pipe had to be installed approximately one mile uphill behind the mansion.This water source would not only supply the home but also the duck ponds in front of the château. During the 1880’s most of the property was turned into vineyards. Old photos and postcards picture a beautiful mansion with a large duck pond in the forefront surrounded by gorgeous vineyards on the sloping side and back, overlooking a very picturesque valley. From this brief description, one can visualize that this was a magnificent postcard mansion and property as it still is today.
According to current architectural standards of France, the size of the mansion and the acreage on which it is situated determines its designation as a château and Château Blandin complies with those standards. The name of the original architect that Fortuné Mollot hired in 1870-1871 to design the château was M. Bourbon.
Today, the château is owned by Michel and Arlette Auclerc. It is one of three ‘châteaux’ in the valley. M. Auclerc is a very successful architect and Arlette, his wife, is a retired medical doctor. They have been extremely hospitable to our family and are very good family friends. They have taken a great interest in our family history and this has created a very strong bond. Michel and Arlette have indicated to our family many times, “Our home is your home.” They have a very deep respect for our ties to Blandin. They are truly wonderful friends!
When Michel and Arlette Auclerc first purchased the château property in 1994, it had been abandoned for a number of years. True to his profession as an architect, one of Michel’s goals was to restore the château to its original state of the early 1870’s. Michel and Arlette have done a fantastic job! They have even added to the château by building a large underground hall which is used for entertaining large groups and/or storing a number of Michel’s vintage cars. In fact, one of the restored items is Fortuné’s old classic horse drawn carriage! Another structure that they have restored and which is very unique on the property is a small hut up on the hillside. It had been built by Fortuné within the vineyard during the 1880’s as a shelter for the workers and for storage of tools.
The original farmhouse and adjoining barn of Louis Fortuné Mollot, built in 1821. Château Blandin was later built next to the farmyard. Note the hilltop tool shed as it was in the vineyard in the 1880’s.
The Auclerc family has renamed Château Blandin to Château de Molinière. The name relates back to the name of the farm “ferme de la Molinière” which had been owned by the Annequin family until the year 1844. Then it became part of the dowery of Thérèse, Louis’ bride. At the death of his wife, Thérèse, in 1862, Louis inherited the property along with the house that had been built in 1821.
 The Auclerc family has sold a small part of the estate (1 hectare- 2.47 acres), which includes the original farmhouse and adjoining barn, to a young family by the name of Buisson. This home, in which Louis died in 1871, has been extremely well kept by maintaining original structures. It, too, has a very unique interior.   







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