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Part 5: Origin of the Name Mollot

There are some indications that the Mollot family name may have originated in the 4th century in the French region of Auvergne, located in central France. The people of Auvergne had come from Gaul. An ancient family named Mollot was seated with lands, estates and manor in Auvergne. As with most surnames, slight spelling changes occurred throughout the early centuries as a consequence possibly of political or religious adherence. Many spelling changes were errors; many were deliberate. Another variable is that usually a person gave his version phonetically to a scribe, a priest or a recorder. Prefixes or suffixes also varied. Hence, there are variations in the name Mollot:  Mollet, Mallot, Malo, and Molot to name a few! The search here pertains to the surname version “Mollot”.
The Mollot name is not exclusive to France even though it is a French name. In the research done to date, the name exists in England and Russia. In fact, in the United States and primarily in New York State, there is a large Jewish Orthodox Mollot family that immigrated from Minsk, Russia. In one of their family newsletters, they have attempted to link their family roots to the soldiers of the ‘grande’ army of Napoleon Bonaparte at the time of the invasion of Russia in 1812!  Historically, this would not be the first time that war has given a name a new beginning in a new country. It is a fact that Napoleon’s disastrous invasion of Russia did leave behind many French soldiers.
There is also another Mollot branch that is presently established in Colorado. The origin of their roots is not known.
A third Mollot family lives in the province of Quebec and the Ottawa region.  By contacting them, we learned that this branch originated in a northeastern region of France which, in fact, is very close to the area in which our family has roots.
However, of the three above mentioned Mollot branches in North America, to date, we have not been able to link them to our ancestry which now goes back to the year 1613.
From phone books and the internet, we know that there are numerous Mollot families in France. Do we have distant relatives there? Two large mailings have been made in the last twelve years to Mollot families throughout France. Contact has been made with some twenty-five of them. We have, however, yet to make any concrete links with the exception of René and Yolande Rosez. As described earlier, Yolande is connected to us six generations back.
Another reason why we do not have many distant relatives in France today is that, for two consecutive generations in the eighteenth century, there were very few offspring in our family tree. In observing our comprehensive family tree, you will note that Pierre Mollot and his wife had only two children, Their first, Francoise, married Capitaine Collet and they had no children. Their other child was Louis Mollot who married later in life (53 years old) to Thérèse Annequin and only had one son, Fortuné, who immigrated to Canada and a stepdaughter by the name of Thérèse Pauline. Thus, most of our ancestry in France dates back prior to the 1700’s!






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